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Party like a rockstar (?)

You know you´re getting old when you 20 minutes before the guests are arriving you starting to get dressed, leaving you with 10 minutes just for clothes, hair and make – up and 10 minutes to light candles and do some apartment quick-fixes. After editing wedding pictures for a full day, you don´t really care that you only have 10 minutes and I must say, I enjoy that I can enjoy the moment and not plan days in advance for everything. Reaching 30 you start looking at life in a more rational and not so stressed maner. Well, I haven´t really been the stressed out type anyway. Not about life atleast.

So, I wont ramble on about life anymore, just want to day that yesterday, those not so stressed nerves came to use when Martin invited Joakim and Mattias for some ceviche. Martins has made his Ceviche technique better and it tastes kind of great. More ceviche to the people!

We started with ceviche, and Joakim made some Margaritas with rasberries and without. Yummie. After we headed for Elias place with some partying waiting in the form of a fish-pond and cake. Must say I love the idea of bringing back childhood to the adult parties. So much memories, so much laughter.

Martin and I trotted home early and then went to sleep. Another day of editing full day waited and now it is afternoon, I am blogging and Martin is cooking dinner. Gonna watch some sci-fi and relax some and then back to editing.


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