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Naturstigen Grythyttan

Yesterday when I was out shooting my self portraits I met two birdwatchers down by the lake. They told me about this nature-trail behind Grythyttans Herrgård. So we went and checked it out. I don´t think I never learned so much about birds before!

The purpose of the nature trail is that is close to Grythyttan and for that easy to access for those in need of rest or a break from everyday life, according to those who have created it, Kristina Henricsson who owns Grythyttans Herrgård, and Niklas Collin and Maria Nilsdotter Werdin (natural health educator).

I will definitively return to this path more times since it is next to my house basically and have a beaver dam as well as feeding places for birds where you can sit down and look at birds for a while. The path has more than one sign where you can read about the beaver, birds and the railway that used to pass Grythyttans Herrgård for example.


Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm f/1.4 Art lens and edited in Lightroom.


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