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Testing the new tripod by shooting some selfportraits by Torrvarpen

A while ago I bought a new Tripod after looking for a while. This camerathing is an expensive sport  I assure you.

Reading what felt like hundred reviews I didn´t become any wiser and decided to ask my friend Helena with the blog for assistance and she recommended the tripod she has, the Sirius T-2005X with the ballhead K20X. This is what I finally went for after comparing this with others. If you follow the link you will see how freaking expensive camera things are. Some week ago this tripod arrived with mail and I how now been out testing it for the first time. When I know it a little better I probably give you a full description but what I tested was just plain simple usage: 1. Mount the camera on the ball head 2. Adjust the different settings 3. Stability of legs and the tripod as a whole and so far I am very satisfied! It is extremely small for it full length and weighs not more than 1.4 kilos if to trust Cyberphoto where I bought it. Today was also the perfect day for the first test since it was windier then ever (you can see that on my hair in the last picture but also by looking at the water and the golden grass bending for the wind).


Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art and with Canon RC-6 self timer and Sirius  T-2005X – K20X


självporträtt torrvarpen grythyttan självporträtt torrvarpen grythyttan-2 självporträtt torrvarpen grythyttan-3 självporträtt torrvarpen grythyttan-4


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