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Finally the heat is here. What else is there than to barbecue? Well, maybe a lie, I rather stay inside. So I headed out with my big can of water and my camera. Now I smell like a forest fire and need to head into shower.

Trying out my camera for the first time and must say that it is a positive surprise. A bit unhappy by that Lightroom seem not to support the raw files from this camera yet. When is that happening? At the moment I am editing in jpg and somewhat sad that I loose some of the information in the shadows, making it a bit hard to shoot backlight photos.


Shot with Canon Eos M3 and edited in jpg in Lightroom.


grillkvällgrillkväll-2 grillkväll-3 grillkväll-4 grillkväll-5 grillkväll-6 grillkväll-7 grillkväll-8 grillkväll-9 grillkväll-10 grillkväll-11 grillkväll-12 grillkväll-13 grillkväll-14 grillkväll-15 grillkväll-16 grillkväll-17 grillkväll-18 grillkväll-19 grillkväll-20 grillkväll-21 grillkväll-22


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