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DIY- Instagram collage poster

Some tips feel worth sharing in more than one social media. This little DIY tip feels like that, an Instagram pic poster made by photos from my Instagram account. This poster arrived in my mail yesterday and was of fantastic quality. Real photopaper from fujifilm and all!


This is how I did it

1. Go to and choose your country. I used the service of Ica foto, a Swedish site that uses the photobox service so the homepage is the same, just with the design of Ica photo instead. If your are from lets say United Kingdom, hit the UK button and then your are at the UK site.

2. I used the thing called COLLAGE POSTER PRINTS the size 30″ x 20″ (50 x75 cm in Sweden).

3. I pushed that button and then you just have to follow instructions and add photos (maybe create an account first). You can choose between adding from you computer or straight away from your instagram. I added straight away from my insta.

4. After adding it to a photo catalogue I choose design/ layout for my picture and I choose squares. Play around a little before deciding which layout you like the best.

5. Then you drag the photo from your folder into the squares and they will just hop in. Easy peasy!

What do you think?

The above one took me like 20 minutes, tops.

Now I just have to order a frame. 🙂


Cost: Fairly cheap. Mine costed 169 sek, around 18 euros or 20 dollar + shipment. But the price differs in-between countries I think.





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