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My photoproject about Bergslagen.

For you who remeber I started a photoproject in September 2014 about something. At the beginning I didn´t know what I was aiming to do but it later turned to be a project about Bergslagen. When I applied for what was also a course at the University I applied as a photoproject with the aim to go behind the cultural values of Bergslagen. I didn´t finish of course, but the course itself I finished this month and the following photos are my first from the project. I am thinking about building maybe a separate page here on the blog for the presentation of the project in the future but that is a later issue. At the moment or as long as I live still here in Grythyttan I´ll continue the project but on my own. I haven´t added any text but I have read poems in combination with looking on old photographs and other books from Bergslagen. Maybe I will add, maybe I won´t. At the moment you just have to enjoy the pics I have.

Bergslagen is a region of cool diversity. There is a lot of rocks, lakes and forest. There is small villages and a lot of tourism. Food tourism is the speciality of Grythyttan. Since I like my backyard and are a travel blogger I definitively will continue to write about Bergslagen, and different places to visit around here. Am planing on turning some of the focus to develop this part before the summer, might call that series Exploring Bergslagen. But back to my project.

I started shooting in Stripa gruva / Stripa mine and in Lesjöfors, next to the old industry Lesjöfors bruk and Lesjöfors Springwire.

Lesjöfors Bruk


Stripa gruva i Lindesberg/ Stripa mine in Lindesberg




I later went to Mossgruvan, Sköttgruvan and Ställbergs Gruva.

Ställbergs Gruva, Ljusnarsbergs kommun, the mine Ställberg, the municipality of Ljusnarsberg



Sköttgruvan, Mossgruvan, Ljusnarsbergs kommun

The mine Sköttgruvan in the little village Mossgruvan, Ljusnarsbergs municipality







Mossgruvan i byn Mossgruvan/ Mossgruvan mine in the village Mossgruvan


After a while my project changed and turned into something else.. I started shooting self portraits in the forest around Grythyttan and by the lakes. Some of these photos I already shared with you but now you also get the perspective of what I am going to use it for.





I hope you enjoyed my project so far.

When it comes to editing and text I haven´t finished. These photos are converted into black and white, made into sepia, adding grainyness and some other soft edits. All done in Lightroom. I shot all photos with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm lens from Canon and Sigma 50mm Art lens. I used a tripod for self  portraits and a selftimer. I also used some artificiell light as the light from mobile phones and a lighter. I have thought about bringing candles to next shoot.



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