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The truth about everyday life.

A discussion arose on lunch yesterday at work and it was about how I and the others felt about cleaning. Do we clean toilets, dust or just floors? Do we always do the dishes before going to bed and do we always put our clothes back in the closet after work or do we just leave it on the floor? Make the bed? Anyone?

If this was a competition I would hit the grand slam of all grand slams. Except for one maybe, and that is the bathroom. MY limit for bathroom cleaning is when the metallic and the mirror start having spots of toothpaste. So is the case this week after getting playstations 4. I can´t even look at it anymore.

But check out the other rooms and see, you are not alone!



This is my attempt to clean out my closet and letting you know that, well, the everyday person rather jump inbetween the stacks of clothes than acutally pic them up.

But what are your cleaning routine then? I´m dying to know!



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