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Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Canon EF- my review

During the fall I have updated my lens collection with one heavy new friend. The Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art lens.

Since most of my readers are hobby photographers or just bloggers I find that there is an interest in the equipment I use and when I buy new stuff I always check out bloggers and their review of stuff, since the reviews given by non professionals feel more trustworthy to me than the reviews made by magazines, since they are live on payment through commercial. This is a non sponsered review that is only here for my readers who appreciate my opinion and are not an expert review of any kind.


But, having that said. What is the Sigma 50mm Art lens then?

When first announced to be released, the art series 50mm hit the roof in photo circles with articles like ”The new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens should be crazy good”.

I bought my Sigma Art lens in Paris during my vacation there in October. Somewhat not that smart maybe if you want to return it. But checking out reviews on Fotosidan, a Swedish photography consumer page the reviews are excellent (almost all fives except for one).

Here comes the tricky part. What do I think about it then?


* Sharp as steel

* Good building quality

* I tried the Canon 50 mm when I bought this one and the colors in the pics that comes out from the Sigmas was much better when I compared on the same setting and same motif.

* The price for this quality

* The warranty. It is five years on the Sigma lenses. At least I was told so.


* Heavier than the heaviest of lenses ever. This means heavy!

* I have not had any specific problems but one photographer points out that the focus is a bit weird (not trustworthy) on the Sigma in the review on photosidan.

* I love it but sometimes I feel that I have a hard time handling it (as said above, nailing the focus is one), the other being that it is heavy hand have no IS, antishake, which might become a problem with tired arms.

* Not weather sealed.

* The price- I paid around a 1000 dollars depending on the currency, less than 1000 Euros and aroun 7000 Swedish (do not know exact). This is a lot of money just for one lens that have no weather sealing or IS.

Conclusion: My gut tells me though that the sharpness is aiming at professional levels, more than very excellent even but that it is a bit ”difficult” to handle and seem to have it´s own opinion on where to focus sometimes. I´ve gotten the tip to micro adjust it, but have at the moment no idea what to adjust to get a more thrustworthy focus.



The below photo is in full format so it is possible to zoom and check it out. I had very dry skin that day which the camera saw, I barely detected that myself in the mirror. 

Shot on: 1/40 of second, f 3,5 and iso 100 in a bit grey weather.




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