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Please, let the snow stay!

This winter suck. I mean, first it is snow, then in a matter of hours when you come home from work, it rains. Please give me minus five and snow for at least three weeks! I don´t like this.

Two nights ago I was feeling extra photo-crazy, shot my entire appartment, my new decor and also half of Grythyttan in a photosrage. I think it was the weather, because during the day lots of snow turned up from nowhere and I felt extra happy when coming home. I went out and shot the below photos, very good for being dark and shot with my cheapy Canon lens don´t you think?

Yesterday morning I woke up and it was all gone. How depressing is that?


HH7A7593 HH7A7595 HH7A7598 HH7A7609 HH7A7610 HH7A7612 HH7A7613 HH7A7614 HH7A7618 HH7A7623 HH7A7636 HH7A7639 HH7A7640 HH7A7649 HH7A7653


Canon 5D Mark iii

Canon 50mm f,1.8ii

Edited in Lightroom


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