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Black Friday – In Sweden?

Today we celebrated Advent at work. We had lussebulle (saffron bun) with glögg (christmas wine). Christmas and Advent is a important tradition in Sweden and something that is not taken lightly. Something that might be even bigger for you Americans out there though is todays Black Friday. It seems that the concept of Black Friday has arrived in Sweden as well. I´m not kidding when I say that I probably got seven emails from different  (Swedish) stores marketing Black Friday today. This gets me confused? Why are a tradition that is not necessary coming to Sweden? Why do we want to have a day where we consume more when we are trying to get rid of overconsumption and unnecssary consumption in general?And why do we need a kickstarter to something we are trying to do less of, shop?

The stores seems to be as confused as I am. 20% on clothes all weekend from a clothes store, free shipping from photo stores, extra cashpoints from a flying company and etc. Black Friday in America is a big sales day, considered the day that kickstarts the Christmas shopping. The Swedish stores seem to be catching on the concept in the typical Swedish way meaning just another half sale day adding to the other 365 half price days, end of sales days and so forth. 

I don´t like where this is heading. When we consume less companies seem to go crazy with sales to keep us consumers shopping. A banker I listened to lecturing some weeks ago, told us that the consumption in America are high again and the American economy therefore rises. Are we to expect a record for Black Friday as well? Not sure. But I am sure, that I don´t like where Sweden is heading.



The town of Lindesberg where I spend my workday today, this Black Friday.



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