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A forest, a fika and some editing

Today has been all about editing. Editing, a photowalk and some fika with friends (adventsfika – a Christmas coffee loosely translated).  Have finished editing some photos that I might participate with in an upcoming photo contest. It is challenge editing photos and you soon realise how important it is with a good quality photo to begin with. Have fallen in love somewhat with the grey November weather and are for the first time not looking forward to the snow. If you have asked me yesterday I would have said that snow is my favorite but today I love the grey weather. Another thing I´ve fallen in love with is the sepia filter when editing. Love black and white photos and sepia filter.

It is now past midnight in Grythyttan and I am heading of to bed. There will be many other late nights editing now when I have gotten a bigger screen. Will show it some day, but for the time being you can see it on my insta – here.



Canon 5D Mark iii

Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35

Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop


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