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How to make chiliflakes

This week has been a lot about food. Martin has made Kimchi, these chiliflakes, pasta with salmon in fennel-saus, mashed potatoes with cod in egg saus and baked sourdough bread.

My portrait muse, my food muse. There will be more recipes in the future I assure you!

I don´t think this one needs a written recipe, do you? Just look at the pictures and follow. But for dummies I have some written information down below.


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How to make Chiliflakes

You need 300g Spanish red pepper, a knife and an oven

Cut the chilis as in the pictures, put in the owen on 70 degress celcius and dry. It is important that the chilis are spread wide over a owen baking tray. Leave the chilis in the oven over night or around 10 hours, until completely dry.


Now we are heading over to the neighbour for some coffee and horror- movies. Have a nice evening!

Good luck!






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