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Selfportrait- the forest

Taking a self portrait is more difficult than you can imagine. I take mine with a self – timer, wireless. The timing is crucial. In this post I want to show some photos I took yesterday. Have been practicing different styles all weekend. Saturday I did the out of focus portraits and Sunday I tried getting full focus and perfect sharpness. I succeed in some and in some not so much. It is hard telling when you are out if you have gotten that perfect shot or not, it isn´t until later when home again your realize that 90% of all photos lack something like focus, sharpness or are to light or dark etc. But it is a challenge that I love.

Enjoy my portraits from the forest of Grythyttan.



HH7A3138 HH7A3152 HH7A3197 HH7A3198 HH7A3240 HH7A3256 HH7A3276 HH7A3325 HH7A3331


Canon 5D Mark iii

Sigma 50 mm Art lens

Ed in Lightroom


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