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Selfportrait- the forest

Taking a self portrait is more difficult than you can imagine. I take mine with a self – timer, wireless. The timing is crucial. In this post I want to show some photos I took yesterday. Have been practicing different styles all weekend. Saturday I did the out of focus portraits and Sunday I tried getting full focus and perfect sharpness. I succeed in some and in some not so much. It is hard telling when you are out if you have gotten that perfect shot or not, it isn´t until later when home again your realize that 90% of all photos lack something like focus, sharpness or are to light or dark etc. But it is a challenge that I love.

Enjoy my portraits from the forest of Grythyttan.



HH7A3138 HH7A3152 HH7A3197 HH7A3198 HH7A3240 HH7A3256 HH7A3276 HH7A3325 HH7A3331


Canon 5D Mark iii

Sigma 50 mm Art lens

Ed in Lightroom


  1. To start with, the snowberries are sensational ! – we have nothing like them in winter Dowunder.
    And the shots with the timer are REALLY good: you must have been thrilled with these frames, I hope, Katarina !

      • The fun of it all is seeing what you can come up with using the timer, eh ? – some fantastic (jumping off the stump), some plain beautiful (mid-shot leaning in from the left) and some from the other day that capture the season wonderfully (no. 5 down, where the f.g. is sharp and the rest not) …

  2. Excellent photos. You of course have an advantage in that you are photogenic. I don’t think I would try such an experiment for public consumption.

    • Thanks Andrew! Haha. I dont think you should be afraid to take some self portraits. It is a challenge for everybody I assure u! There is always something wrong with your nose, your skin etc. me myself am doing a chemical peel of some sort that I will take some time to write about. At the moment suffering from very dry skin. Haha 🙂

  3. I think the photos are excellent. I love the pensive shot of you looking away from the camera. Looks like something I would see in Vogue or suchlike! My daughter does well with the self-timer thing ( I guess they are the selfie generation, so it is not such a surprise in that respect). I do quite agree on the difficulty of viewing one’s photos out in the field. I have endless trouble seeing the photos I take with my phone camera.

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