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Work in progress

Above shot with iPhone 6 +, edited in in the Instagram app

Today I have been working with my photoproject the entire day. Most of the time trough a web seminar with fellow students. It is nice to be given critique about your work, now I have got the energy to push forward in this November darkness.

To give a short update about my life I am also working on a guestpost for a travel site called Resfeber. The post is in Swedish and will hopefully be published shortly. Will of course link it when it happens.

My next step in my project is to go out shooting more and will probably try to put myself in the scene more and experiment more with light, to show my perspective of Bergslagen. That is my aim at the moment.

For the spring I am thinking of offering a photographer to be his/hers assistant for a photoshoot or two. Have anyone tried internships/ being an assistant photographer to develop your skills in photography? What did it give you?


From this weekends photoshoot, practicing portraits- photo shot with iPhone4s, editing in Photoshopexpress


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