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Hotel Eldorado – Paris

When booking our stay we checked out more than one alternative. Our choice fell on Hotel Eldorado on the street Rue de Dames due to the easy reason that it was chic and less expensive then hotels in the city center. My mother found this hotel on the blog, whom we also where traveling with for three of our six days stay.




18 Rue de Dames

750 17 Paris


Within walking distance from the subway/bus/square Place de Clichy


We booked our stay through the site It is probably possible just calling the hotel and book. The receptionists speak English (at least all we met during our six nights stay).


Appearence/ service

The hotel deserves the word pitoresque cause that is what it is. I have never seen anything more French/ Moulin Rouche without bad lighting/ Montmartre – feeling in my life.

It is a variety of asian/african and french stuff.

The reception seen in the picture, held fresh flowers, a brown reception desk as well as a BIG old map over Paris mixed with the lovely crystal lamp on the ceiling.

The staff is nice, all different receptionists, bar-staff as well as breakfast staff. A guy (since it is three long stairs up to the room we where staying in, room 35) carried our bag down on the way to the airport.

Room 35

We stayed in room 35, I haven´t seen any other rooms but our room was magnificent. Filled with asian/african paintins and furniture, a french chair,  golden covers to the bed and red wall-paper.

The bathroom was newly built and the showers hot. Soap was included and they changed our towels every day. Maybe no the most environmental friendly, but sadly, me and my mother mess the towels up a lot with our severe amount of make-up.

A little story

There where this weird happening. The first day when we got back from being out and about, my mother and I found ourself staring at an open hotel room. The door was opened and kept open with a small french chair with my sweather on it. Panicking, I run into the room and grabb my bag where I kept my computer and the rest of my valuable electronic equipment. And nothing was gone.. pew. So it turns out that the cleaning person must have forgot the door open the entire day after cleaning in the morning, and this is well, just positive, don´t you think ?!, when nothing was stolen.

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Bar/ restaurant

Next to the hotel a restaurant, a french brasserie where situated. It is named Bistro de Dames and is possible to access from the hotel. It has the cutest little garden. We never used it but on the warm evenings (some where I walked around in just t-shirt) it was crowded with French people eating risotto, drinking local wine and smoking.

I did try the food one evening and it was of high quality (my standard). Every morning we had breakfast here, which in France means baguettes, croissants and hot coffee.


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Enjoy your future stay in Paris.


Photos taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens as well as my newly bought Sigma 50mm 1,4 F Art-lens and later edited in Lightroom




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