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A photowalk in Stockholm- part 3

Cont. of last post.

Must say that I love the view of Gröna Lund and that the black and white photography really highlights the clouds this particular day (this Sunday). I had such a nice time with Antonia and will definitively go on other photowalks in the future. Really something for the interested amateur photographer. Talking crap and taking photos for hours, could life be better?

Before taking of on our walk we started with an tour at Fotografiska, the museum for photography in Stockholm where we watched the really good exhibition of Sebastiao Salgado. It was nature photography from around the world. Especially the penguins caught my eye.


All photos taken by me except for the photos of me which is taken with my camera but by Antonia. Antonia runs the blog Divage where she post about one photo a day and some days more of her adventures mostly in Stockholm but in Hungary as well. The photos is taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii and with my Canon 24-105 mm lens and later edited to black and white in Lightroom.

HH7A8857 HH7A8860 HH7A8861 HH7A8864 HH7A8868 HH7A8879 HH7A8885 HH7A8895 HH7A8903 HH7A8915 HH7A8917 HH7A8927 HH7A8928 HH7A8931 HH7A8933 HH7A8934 HH7A8945 HH7A8950


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