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The adventure continues (interviewing for my thesis)

Met yet another environmental journalist named Barbara Fraser at the Lighthouse in Miraflores. (As I told yesterday I met Elie Gardner and Oscar Durand, multimedia journalists). A very uplifting conversation took place with a woman of great environmental knowledge and spirit. This interview is part of my master thesis as well. Stay tuned.

Afterwards me and Martin had ”lunche” at Larcomar where we came across this fruit. Never had it before. The name is Grenadine. I´m not sure of the spelling, but googled it and came across similar pics so I think I did good. Always trust google right?

Will get back to you with a longer photostory of my first Sweet 16n, that is a Sweet 15n in Peru. But now I am totally exhausted and need to process the discoveries of the day. Sleep tight!


Canon 5D, fruit on table, 24-105 mm Canon Lens, no photo ed.




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