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Turning 15 in Peru – Quinceanera

Just finished editing around 500 pics from a party I attended last weekend. *puh*. Yes I do take a lot of pictures, I know that. Had to empty my computer on old films and audiopieces today since it didn´t fit in to my back-up due to I had to prioritize the films of my interviews with the journalists and so forth. Feels important to back-up these things. But from this I learned that is takes almost one day doing a 500 gb backup. Good to know since I tend to be a time optimist when it comes to these technical computer stuff.

Well the 15 year party in Peru is what I believe is something similar to Sweet 16n in USA. I think, I´m not sure, that it has to do with being introduced to the society. This is a girl only event, boys do this when they are 18 if I understand it right, and don´t think that it is half as important then.

Well, as shown by the photos it was a biiiig party with lots of food.

Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm f1,8, editing in Lightroom.

HH7A9824 HH7A9834 HH7A9851 HH7A9852

The decorations had an enormous amount of the color pink, just as we giiiiiirrrrls like it!


Everybody was invited, friends to Ana the important person, as well as family.


More than one selfie was taken.


One of this I saved, it is a light that was lit before she entered.


A photographer and filmer was hired. She was escorted by her father.

HH7A9908 HH7A9913

Also these gentlemen escorted her.


Not only I took 500 photos..


Finally arriving around 22 in the evening (we had the main course at 01. )


A dress in the color pink.

HH7A9980 HH7A9993 HH7A9998 HH7A0051 HH7A0066

Saluting and taking photos.

HH7A0070 HH7A0139 HH7A0241

We got a goodiebag of balloons and ears. Love them and kept them. (not the balloons though..)

HH7A0292 HH7A0304 HH7A0344 HH7A0365


Ending with a shot of Elia and her friends from the university. They have known each other forever.



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