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One day full of adventures.

Today I had the most exiting day. In the morning me and Martin and me took the bus to San Isidro to meet up with two environmental journalist, Elie Gardner and Oscar Durand, both with webpages in their name, for an interview for my final project of my studies. I was planning for one hour at the most, but good company made it into 3 hours! So much interesting to talk about and so much stuff for my thesis!

Warm and beaten by all interesting talk me and Martin decided for a walk to the nearest restaurant and found 100% recycled sofas on the way. So fun. Of course it was necessary with a photo or two.

Canon 5D, 24-105 mm, no photo editing.

HH7A0974 HH7A0978 HH7A0981 HH7A0987

After a quick lunch at Pizza Hut we stayed in the cat-park once again and shared an ice-cream with this cutie.


Meeting up Elia for some Artisan shopping for the family back home, we came across this carnival. So much surprises in Lima.

HH7A1006 HH7A1008 HH7A1017 HH7A1018 HH7A1019 HH7A1022 HH7A1024 HH7A1040 HH7A1057 HH7A1060 HH7A1061 HH7A1063 HH7A1064 HH7A1065 HH7A1071

Well we finally found Elia, checked out the Gastronomic museum where Martin strike a pose with the quinoa.


Ending the day shopping for family back home. Elia bargained for us, making the price next to notting. I actually bought something for myself, something I might display another day.




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