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All these western models.

Nothing wrong of being western or being white, or western white model for the matter. But they are everywhere. Why are they everywhere and why are they in Peru? Is this the last cousin of colonialism?

Actually it was Martin who pointed it out. He said something like (but in Swedish) ”I think it is so sad that it is western people on the commercials, it is a bit weird”) The sad thing about the western way of looking is only this, that it is displayed everywhere and that even if the models are Brazilian or Peruvian it is the western looking models as Giselle who are the ones fronting the campaigns. It makes me feel a bit sick.

When being in the north, or in the western world, this phenomenon it isn´t as evident to me as it is now. Maybe because in the north, lets say Sweden, there is a lot of western looking people. But here, not so many. So why are they everywhere on buildings then?

It feels fake. That is exactly what it feels like. It feels like we are living in a big fake world. That´s what it feels like.






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