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Glad Påsk- Happy easter everybody!


This is my second time I´m celebrating easter out of Sweden. I have also celebrated it in Greece with my relatives before. In Greece we visited neighbours and grilled a whole lamb in the garden, that is about as much I can remember. This was in 2008.

In Peru I´ve learned some more. Thursday me, Elia and Robert went to the museum of gold in Lima. That was crazy, but photos weren´t allowed. Going how we passed plaza de armas, with the though of looking on some artisans and having a bite to eat. This was what we call Skärtorsdagen in Sweden, Jueves Santo in Spanishs and in English it is the Maundy Thursday. A pitcure says more than a thousand words, yes, but in this case it displays thousands of people in Lima, following the tradition this day of visiting six churches making it impossible for us to enter the center. Roberto never found a parking spot, but had to guard the car while we where eating.
HH7A9799 HH7A9798 HH7A9791


This is the cathedral in Lima.


On Good Friday, långfredagen or Viernes Santo we had easter meal which in Peru is the traditional Peruvian cuisine without meat. This I think is to celebrate Jesus somehow.

HH7A9807 HH7A9808 HH7A9809 HH7A9815

Ending with a family photo. Today it is Sábado Pascua, Easter Saturday or påskafton. Happy easter everybody!


photos taken by me with me Canon 5D, 24-105 mm Canon lens and ed in Lightroom.



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