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10 things to do in Lima- Post 2- El Malecón, Miraflores

As you who follow me know, I have hanged around quite a bit in Miraflores and you may have also seen a lot of photos of a beach from up above and fantastic views over the city. This is basically what El Malecón is. A giant photo-opportunity.

Basic knowledge

It is a 6 mile stretch of green spaces, gardens and parks, where the best thing you can do is kiss your partner in the Parque de la Amor and watch the fantastic view. The Time list of course suggest other stuff to do as jogging, nothing I would ever do even if they payed me. A good idea that Time do point out is the possibility to rent a bike for a day. Something I haven´t done, but something smart since the stretch is so long. Those akin legs of a traveler needs som rest to. If you are not so in to bikes, maybe you like skating?

Links borrowed from Times article. SAM_5720


There is much surprises in this area. What about dancing under the statue of Parque de la Amor?

And what about the parasailers you see everywhere? According to Time you can take a ride with the parasailers for only 50 dollars approx. This seem lika a good idea for the person who are not afraid of hights.


Sustainable travel

This stretch where everything is going on is best done by foot or as suggested by Time, bike. This is totally environmental friendly and so is dancing under the statue of Parque de la Amor. My critical eye thought is wondering how much water these parks are swallowing. But Abel, Martins cousin told me that nowadays they reuse the spillwater to water plants etc. Something I really wan´t to learn more about. So for sustainability I will give it a 4 since I am not sure how everything can be so green in a desert city. But when convinced of it being sustainable, I will alter this to a 5.

Overall experience

The overall experience is a 3 from my part but this is only because I am not that fascinated by ocean views or parks for that matter. I prefer real nature.


All photos, text and also the video is my own. Most photos where taken with my Samsung NX 10 in this case and also the film was recorded with my Samsung camera. The photos are edited afterwards in Lightroom. There is no editing done to the film.


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