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Updating the menu.

Since I basically decided to go for the english language due to my followers and interests in life I am now updating the entire blog and redoing a lot so I am sorry that half is in English and half is in Swedish. It will be like this for a while since I have to do everything manually.

I might continue to write some of the post in Swedish but then I also will translate them to English. This will probably be the case if I write something that is about Sweden, like Swedish fashion or Environment or my travels in Sweden. But it seams easier that my presentation and also cathegories at least are in english since they are harder to translate than actual blogtext.

Maybe one person who is english speaking and have their wordpress account in English could tell me if the first link in my upper meny to the left, which should be the Home button says Home or Hem?


Ps. Soon coming up, 10 things to do in Lima, post 2. Also check out my travelcalendar, new and fresh in the making!


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