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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns


This weeks photochallenge is all about patterns and what better if not animal colors and patterns?! Realized that I haven´t published any photos from the zoo, and there is a lot of them, except from last week smooth challenge. But this post is therefor all about giraffes, zebras and zoo forth.



I must say, that the giraffe might be my favorite animal of all times.


But the turtle is pretty charming also.


This one knows how to do his make-up.


Zebras are sooo zebras.


This one I do not know the name of in English so I go for the Swedish påfågel. There is a pretty interesting story about Martin in his teenage years, running into one of these in the Swedish forests with his moped. A sad story, but pretty entertaining since they do not run around in the wild in Sweden, normally…


Ah, all this photos. Yes I am exhausted and yes, I know I´m bloody super-white and that this is not a very good angle. But my boyfriend likes taking those awful pictures of me so I have learned to make the best of all creepy and weird situations.

This is my story about patterns in all their glory.

Have a nice week you pattern lovers out there!


Ps. The photos where of course as always taken with my Canon 5D and ed in Lightroom. Added a lot of contrast for the patterns sake, except for the photo on me. If you wan´t to know how cellulites look like, take a photo of your thighs and add contrast. Photo-school tip 1 ! 😉



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