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picking rose hip among autumn yellow leaves

Two weeks ago Martin spotted rose hip in the slope behind our house in Stockholm and told me ”during the weekend we should pic some”.  So this weekend we did. Or Martin did and I shot photos, to be correct.

The autumn showed it´s best coat and the trees were bathing in sun. Every year you have to pinch your arm when living in the nordic countries, asking yourself if it is for real, when the seasons shift I mean and every year it passes quickly so you better hurry and seize the opportunity.


Rose hip- Rosa Dumalis is the red fruit seen on rose bushes and is known for it soothing capacities, curing joint pain and having positive effect on the immune system. Weird facts for one is that you have as much vitamine c in one cup as 35-40 oranges have together! The fruit are also seen as one of the 14 most important wildgrowing plants when in a survival situation.

The season for the fruit is long, from August to January and you can pic them even when they have turned into the color black. If you dry them you can save them all year around.




I feel refilled with energy after having an afternoon strolling down the mountain and into the forrest down to the bay by the castle. The autumn colors and light are special here. It is an privilege to live here.


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