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a short detour to Lidingö and a bunch of photographers

Last weekend me and Martin slipped on our nice shoes and headed for Lidingö for Jeanette Seflin and her boyfriend Davids birthday party.

It is always an opportunity to explore when heading somewhere and we finally got to see some small part of the Lidingö island. Lidingö is a small island of the inner archipelago of Stockholm and the second or third richest municipality in Sweden. According to wikipedia Agnetha Fältskog from ABBA lives here, not sure if that is true. Due to rental apartment projects also a lot middle class Swedes live here.

If you want to explore more in Lidingö you have ancient graves and a monument of Raoul Wallenberg (in the centre), the museum Millesgården, a lot of art in public spaces and the archipelago.

To get to Lidingö you take the red subway line from the central station towards Ropsten, in Ropsten you switch ride to bus or the tram Lidingö banan.


Getting there we drank Sangria, laughed and shot photos with my Instax mini camera until late. One guy wore this amazing sweather, begging to be photographed.



Of course there were presents and the travel book with weird travel tips as where to get drugs were our gift to David. Not sure if it was the best book ever but it did have some unorthodox travel tips. Sometimes you get bored of the ”10 tips to New York” or ”Do´s and don´t in Australia” kind of guides.

stockholm_lidingö-8 stockholm_lidingö-9 stockholm_lidingö-10 stockholm_lidingö-11 stockholm_lidingö-12 stockholm_lidingö-13

Jeanette and her roomie must have the best decoration I have ever seen and one of the guys attending had the camera of my dreams..

stockholm_lidingö-14This guy had the longest beard..

stockholm_lidingö-15 stockholm_lidingö-16

Jeanette with the travel blog

stockholm_lidingö-17 stockholm_lidingö-18

Old school boards.stockholm_lidingö-19




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