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I am participatig in a three weeks challenge about travel. The soul purpose is to give some inspiration for future trips and to give the possibility to you readers to dream a little. The other two post from Saturday and Sunday is also part of this, My best travel memory and Transport. This challenge will continue between the 5th and the 25th of September and featured different themes along the way. Today the theme is charter.

Themes are both easy to write about and not and even more difficult is it to find a photo to match with the theme. The theme charter is specifically a bit difficult since I haven´t gone on a charter- trip for some time now and couldn´t therefor possibly have anything to say about it, could I?

When traveling with charter there are both positive and negative sides, the obvious of course being that traveling with charter limits you a lot to the times of flight and specific hotels and but on the other hand give you the pleasure of not having to choose, a big advantage for the traveler who doesn´t enjoy the planning part of traveling.

When I have traveled with charter recent years I have specifically chosen to travel with Fritidsresor. Charter for me is brand specific and makes you choose the company that can live up to your expectations. This has Fritidsresor done for me, for example a very good trip to Thailand where mum and I stayed at an adult hotel (age limit 16) after the recommendations from a Fritidsresor customer service person and we was very satisfied with this. Even though the trip took place in 2010-11 something we still speak of the good planning, the nice plane and great service and calm atmosphere at the hotel.

Today the traditional charter companies still are there as Fritidsresor, Ving and several others. I don´t know so many other, but the ones whose catalogues I scrolled when young. I guess charter for me is strongly connected to the process of scrolling through catalogues and dreaming about my next trip, as I do today when googling best Africa destinations for a photographer or whatever comes to mind that specific day.

So I want to take a stand for the old charter catalogue which I on occasion still scroll (when at the dentist or hairdresser) and dream of my future travel destination. Isn´t it something special about these catalogues?


This is part of the #svenskaresebloggarseptemberdrömmar challenge. To participate, go to this page. Check out the hashtag on different social media to see who else is participating.

The photos is of the magnificent pool of Cape Sienna Hotel in Phuket, shot with my iPhone 3


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