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I love trains. I have written about my love of trains so many times now, so you who follow me knows this. Thinking about traveling and planing a trip the means of transportation is the first thing you start planing, nowadays mainly booking the flight. But there is so many means of transportation.

So participating in the September challenge with Svenska Resebloggar and the theme transport, I dug up some old photos of vehicles I have came across when out and about. I am amazed on how many I found.

A rusty car in the car cemetary of Töcksfors

bröderna ivanssons bilskrot töcksfors-25

A cableway in Bergen


A boat house Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholmstcokholm söder hammarby sjöstad-17

A yellow tube in Berlin


Bikes in front of East Side Gallery Berlin


And a lot of bikes in front of the train station in Copenhagen


Trains in Europe


Gondols in the channels of Venice


Boat – taxi in VeniceIMG_1041

Luxury cruiser in the Mediterranean


A moto taxi in Lima, PeruHH7A7907

A segway cop/guard in Lima, PeruHH7A9283

A small plane by the nazca lines in PeruHH7A1835-2

A boat in Dubrovnik



This is part of the #svenskaresebloggarseptemberdrömmar challenge. To participate, go to this page. Check out the hashtag on different social media to see who else is participating.

The last couple of weeks everything in Europe is overshadowed but whats happing to refugees seeking asylum in Europe. My thoughts is with them. If you want to do something about this, support UNHCR or other organisations that are working out in field to support the refugees with food and a place to stay.


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