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Medieval week – the outfit, market, parade, party at the beach and Kapitelhusgården

So medieval week day one, or two depending on how you count, have now passed. The Sunday started slow but gave us the most beautiful weather, getting our hopes up!

the parade

First thing on the schedule of the day, for me and my mother was the parade. It started early and mum and I participated and walked through Visby in our medieval outfits. It started at Söderport and ended at the medieval market.

Mum in her medieval garment. A linen dress and jewelry from Svarta katten in Solna. Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.


the market

The parade took us all the way to the market area by the sea, close to the botanical garden in Visby. We spend the day there and had flatbrad (plattbröd) with butter and herbs, onions and cheese. We climbed the Visby wall and took photos of the crowd. The smell, oh the smell from the fantastic candied apples!

medeltidsveckan_gotland-33 medeltidsveckan_gotland-32 medeltidsveckan_gotland-34

the outfit and the initiation party at the beach

After a quick rest we headed for the beach and the initiation party. We took some outfit photos during the day. I got our outfits at Svarta Katten in Solna (after asking the blogger Nevnarien who knows a lot about the saga world where to find medieval clothes). I rented both mums and my outfit there and it costed around 500 sek per outfit for seven days. A fair price which included a dress in linen, a cape in wool, a necklace and a belt.

Nevnarien herself is also attending the medieval week and for the one who want to sew your own dress you can find a lot of inspiration in her place.

What do you think? Photos of me shot by my mother.

medeltidsveckan_gotland-9 medeltidsveckan_gotland-10 medeltidsveckan_gotland-11 medeltidsveckan_gotland-12 medeltidsveckan_gotland-13 medeltidsveckan_gotland-14 medeltidsveckan_gotland-15 medeltidsveckan_gotland-17 medeltidsveckan_gotland-19 medeltidsveckan_gotland-20 medeltidsveckan_gotland-21 medeltidsveckan_gotland-22 medeltidsveckan_gotland-24 medeltidsveckan_gotland-25

Having a drink at Kapitelhusgården

After listening to the initiation party and having a somewhat sad beer at the market. We suspect that it was beer without alcohol (hehe) we continued to Kapitelhusgården, walking through the alleys of Visby. The local is from the 12 th century and is therefor perfectly suited to be used during medieval week. We have also visited Klosterlängan and Bistra Katten, two other medieval restaurants/ inns.

At Kapitelhusgården we met two mugglers (people not dressed in medieval clothes) and two who did dress in medieval clothes and one who dressed in something like knights robes. We had their own beer and enjoyed the laughter and singing surrounding us. Late at night we headed home for our beds.


medeltidsveckan_gotland-26 medeltidsveckan_gotland-27 medeltidsveckan_gotland-28 medeltidsveckan_gotland-29 medeltidsveckan_gotland-30


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