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the sun is shining on the medieval week

Yesterday mum and I hoped on the ferry in Oskarshamn and headed for Gotland and the medieval week. The weather suddenly was better after all weeks of rain the sun was shining early in the morning.

A coffee and some sleep later the ferry arrives in the Visby harbour and mother and I get off and walk to the hotel Slottsbacken where we are staying. We head for some lunch and eat meze and drink a beer in the sun after quickly leaving our package in our room.

Happiness is in the air around town and we walk along the ocean and check out the place where the medieval market is built. The alleys and streets of Visby is something special and I smile when I see roses clinging to the sides of the houses.


All photos  by me except the photo where I am walking along the Visby wall which was shot by my mother. Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm Art lens

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