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I had  a few days of break (have started my new work and focused on the Stockholm routine) but now I am back. Last Friday when in Athens we did some touristy stuff. I´ve splitted the day into two posts since the more the merrier.

From the greek word Akron or Akros (highest) and polis (city) I give you Acropolis of Athens. Such an amazing view, such an amazing light!


athens-39 athens-40 athens-41 athens-43 athens-44 athens-47 athens-49 athens-52 athens-53 athens-54 athens-55 athens-56 athens-57

In 250 trillion degrees me and my cousins, Martin and the children of my one cousin and wife walked up the hill to the Acropolis cliff. The kids where okay with walking the distance even if a few tears where coming down their little cheeks. Well, it was hot. Almost the only ones who made it to the cliff in the end where my cousins, Martin and me, the other four stayed behind but managed all the way to the top. Hurray!

athens_akropolis athens_akropolis-2 athens_akropolis-3

Children are such great posers! athens_akropolis-4 athens_akropolis-5 athens_akropolis-6 athens_akropolis-7 athens_akropolis-8 athens_akropolis-9 athens_akropolis-10 athens_akropolis-11 There is evidence that the hill was inhabited around 400 -500 B.C. That is a long time ago! The archeological site of Olympia close to Katakolon (which we visited earlier this summer) is older though, from around 700 -750 B.C.

There is a lot of restaurations going on on the hill, which you can see on the photos. It is sad that it can´t survive on it´s own but on the other side, it´s 3000 years old. Not many thing on this earth is that old. When I was little they used to say that the carfumes of Athens was tearing the building. Not sure if this was entirely true though and maybe if it used to be, maybe that isn´t true anymore. Today the cars have better cleaning systems and so forth. I asked my other cousin on how they were doing on the water shortage nowadays, and he answered that it wasn´t a problem anymore since it had started to rain more in Greece. So to Greece, global warming seem to be nice.. so far.

The perfect photo-tree.
athens_akropolis-13athens_akropolis-14 athens_akropolis-15 athens_akropolis-16 athens_akropolis-17 athens_akropolis-18 athens_akropolis-19 athens_akropolis-20 athens_akropolis-21 athens_akropolis-22 athens_akropolis-23 athens_akropolis-24

A view to die for.athens_akropolis-25 athens_akropolis-26 athens_akropolis-27 athens_akropolis-28 athens_akropolis-29 athens_akropolis-30 athens_akropolis-31 athens_akropolis-32

A monastery on a hill far away.athens_akropolis-33 athens_akropolis-34 athens_akropolis-35 athens_akropolis-36 athens_akropolis-37

Going to Athens in a middle of an economic crisis I was expecting more trouble, but in the city centre, as well be seen in the next posts, the atmosphere was come and the tourist business being as it always has been, thriving.



Cost for entering: I paid 12 euros and Martin 0. It was free for students. I think just entering the cliff might be cheaper.


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