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Akropolis museum

Next up Friday was a bit to eat after climbing the big Akropolis cliff. Exhausted, sweaty and full of history we had ourself a souvlaki and some fries. Continuing the 500 m´s to the Akropolis museum and the exhibitions there the first thing that strikes me is the impressive building. With massive pillars in concrete and a glass floor the building itself is a piece of an art and I mostly stared at the building rather than on the sculptures and remains in the museum. An even more interesting notion was the glas floor on the third floor that you pass directly underneath when entering the building. Do I need to say heat and short skirts? I was embarrassed. Sadly the museum had photo prohibitions so I didn´t take any other photos than on my cousins and outside the museum. The museum had a pretty large collection and have both permanent and temporary exhibitions. When we visited, the temporary exhibitions were the Samothrace. The mysteries of the great gods, an exhibition from the regional parts …


I had  a few days of break (have started my new work and focused on the Stockholm routine) but now I am back. Last Friday when in Athens we did some touristy stuff. I´ve splitted the day into two posts since the more the merrier. From the greek word Akron or Akros (highest) and polis (city) I give you Acropolis of Athens. Such an amazing view, such an amazing light!   In 250 trillion degrees me and my cousins, Martin and the children of my one cousin and wife walked up the hill to the Acropolis cliff. The kids where okay with walking the distance even if a few tears where coming down their little cheeks. Well, it was hot. Almost the only ones who made it to the cliff in the end where my cousins, Martin and me, the other four stayed behind but managed all the way to the top. Hurray! Children are such great posers!  There is evidence that the hill was inhabited around 400 -500 B.C. That is a long time …

Preparing for a wedding in Athens

We arrived Thursday in Athens and when we arrived, the family was preparing for the wedding. Stepping out in the airport Aten-Elefthérios Venizélos we were picked up by Stefanos, my cousin who is getting married. The day was spend playing football (not me though) and then later in the evening we were invited to dinner at Vicky´s (the bride to be) parents place. We had the most fantastic Greek food ever. As everyone is well aware of Greece is struggling with a severe economic crisis. I haven´t experienced much of this yet but everyone is talking about it and when out you can see people queuing to the ATMs. Today the wedding is taking place and we are getting prepared by ironing our clothes, doing the hair and make – up and having the pre- wedding drink to calm our nerves. Katarina Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Sigma 50 mm Art, Canon 40 mm pancake