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Train from Venice to Krakow – sleeping like a baby, having breakfast as an Austrian

After spending a day in Venice we hop on the night train from Venice to Vienna. For the somewhat large cost of 354,60 euro we got ourself a sleeping cabin for four, two bottles of water, a pillow, blanket and breakfast. We also gpt an Austrian train attendant who made us breakfast and woke us up at 7.00. Oh the luxury!

Train – from Venice St. Luzia to Vienna. In Vienna we changed train to Ostrava and then took the bus from Ostrava to Krakow. 

When arriving in Ostrava we had to run to the bus though we were at least 15 minutes late. The bus is though very close and they also wait for those who are late due to late trains so it doesn’t turn into problem. Breathing and sweating intensely when we arrive at the bus we end up in front of two Englishmen so typical English that you start to wonder if you ended up in the wrong country.  

Finally arriving at the station in Krakow, Krakow Glowny, we easily find our hotel and our beloved wifi. We stay at Apart station hotel so we don’t have to look for long. For 118 euro / 1092 sek we get a big room and splendid service.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40mm pancake lens, edited in the lightroom app


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