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Cruise – Dubrovnik to Venice and disembarkation

Saturday the 20th 16.00 – Sunday the 21th 20.00
Our last port before the final disembarkation is Dubrovnik and after strolling the small streets of the old town we embark for our final stretch. 

We arrive in Venice early in the morning Sunday and wait disembarkation. The procedur goes that we stay in the big theatre of the ship and are called up by colour. Martin and I have the colour pink. 

In Venice we hit the streets for one last day. We head for the train-station taking the people mover from the marina to Plaza Roma from where we walk. Buying train tickets to Krakow takes about five minutes since there is no line, thank god.

We go directly for lunch. Having lunch a bit further away from the trainstation cost us 11,50 euros for two courses and I have another seafood pasta and fried calamari and fries. We book our hotel in the restaurant and then spend the day walking the streets and eating ice cream, talking about tourists and Venice. I have this fantastic mouse at an ice cream shop I will never forget about.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40 mm pancake lens, ed in the lightroom app



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