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Ein currywurst in Berlin

Arriving in Berlin I told Martin that he had to have a currywurst, the true Berliner food. So first thing after dumping our stuff at the hotell we went for a currywurst, that and also walking down Kufurstendamm and checking out the Gedächtniskirche.

The first wurst Martin was handed was over fried, so not a good start. The second thing was, the curry isn’t in the wurst but actually cheap old curry spice pored over the sausage. What? Not the best first impression. Or as Martin put it ”Germans seem to love yellow, the food is flavoured with turmeric, curry or mustard and the buildings including the subway is painted yellow”.

Yesterday Martin gave the currywurst another try. It was better, but still, cheap old curry sprinkled over. A bit off a disappointment. But, still, the little sausage houses looks cute on photo, like a french old dancers house with red light lighting up the neighbourhood.


Photo shot with Canon Eos M3 with 40 mm pancakelens and edited in lightroom app converting into black and white and using manual editing of saturation, temp, etc

Highlighted photo of currywurst shot by Martin Benitez



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