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A hamburger in Hamburg

09.43 local time Tuesday 9th of June Martin and I hopped on the train to Berlin. For 178 euro we got a non refundable second class ticket to Berlin. This is the first we pay that the interrail ticket should have covered, since interrail just cover the cost outside your home country.

This trainroute took us around 6-7 hours with a change of trains in Hamburg and included a 45 minutes ferry ride (with train!) from Rödby to Puttgarden.

”I must have a hamburger in Hamburg” Martin said so that is what we had, a hamburger in hamburg. That also coveres most part of this stretch, it was the journey where we had a hamburger in Hamburg.


Shot with Canon Eos M3, 40 mm pancake from Canon and edited in Lightroom using the preset ”punch 2”.



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