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Upcoming Europetrip

tomorrow Martin and I head for Europe by train (and boat, yes we actaully managed to score a last minute boat trip in the mediterreanian.) From now and on I will be blogging from my ipad/phone/hotel/hostel or boat wifi. 

This is a test blog from my ipad and a preparation post for the trip. Martin and I are in the middle of packing and haven’t even booked train or hotel yet. Oh my.. 

Well, as said when I entered the competition about the backpack seen in the photo, which I also as seen won, ”don’t plan to much, take it cool and leave space for unplanned things”, I have taken my own wise words seriously and left two weeks open for unplanned things. So are you ready for three weeks in Europe?


  • We are traveling by train, bus and boat
  • Stretch one will be Grythyttan – Copenhagen, Monday 8th
  • Fixed date is only the boat cruise, 14th to 21th of June, from Venice to Istanbul
  • We are buying tickets on the go leaving space for much unplanned stuff

Photo shot with Canon Eos M3, 40mm pancake lens, edited in Photoshop Express using the pastel filter


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