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Graduation day begins

Just woke up and it is graduation day. Last night they arrived, the family. Our little two room apartment is turned into a a place for ten. I have no idea how it must be, living like this all the time.
After some dinner Martins grandfather showed us some tricks, something with a hat and matches. Not sure what it was about but Lucia and Manne had their mind occupied. Later we walked with Martins grandfather and grandmother to their hotel, Gästis. Lucia then shot the photo of me and Martin hugging eachother. She is turning into a s mini – photographer and when checking the photos some that she shot was pretty amazing.
Coming home I shot a photo of her shooting photos of me and now it is morning. I here them in the kitchen talking. I am far to tired to get out of bed, but I guess I have to. The graduation starts in an hour.

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