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And so it begins – Grythyttan Academy graduation week

On Friday Martin graduate after 3 years at the University in Grythyttan. This is the first day of graduation week.
grythyttan_examen grythyttan_examen-2 grythyttan_examen-3 grythyttan_examen-4 grythyttan_examen-5 grythyttan_examen-6 grythyttan_examen-7 grythyttan_examen-8 grythyttan_examen-9 grythyttan_examen-10 grythyttan_examen-11 grythyttan_examen-12 grythyttan_examen-13 grythyttan_examen-14
Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm art lens


  1. What a pair of idiots ! 🙂
    How long did they stay in that … garment ?


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