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Sooting nature.

When work demands the most of you and when everyday life seem difficult to manage, a walk in nature is the best medicine. At least for me.

Working with a new theme is demanding and frustrating, I tell you. You need to rethink all the different angle and relearn postings posts and more. This theme for one example has a million widgets.

Today work was great, I got some important work done and then headed home for a cup of tea and some CSS struggling. Will continue tomorrow. Now Martin and I are looking at for us a new tv-series, Sleepy Hollow. Intriguing.


Shot with Canon EOS M3, different lenses and editing in Lightroom

nature grythyttannature grythyttan-2 nature grythyttan-3 nature grythyttan-4 nature grythyttan-5 nature grythyttan-6 nature grythyttan-7 nature grythyttan-8 nature grythyttan-9 nature grythyttan-10 nature grythyttan-11 nature grythyttan-12


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