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An updated post – the blogging challenge of travel pictures now translated to German and other contributors

Remember the blogging challenge of 10 travel pictures that so many decided to participate in in Sweden? It started in Finnish, was translated to Swedish by a girl Marie, that posted a comment on my challenge today and told med that she was the one that translated it into Swedish. A Swedish German person read my post and translated it into German here. The Finnish post is found here. So why not participate a bit late, but better late than never no?

Check out some amazing posts from other bloggers. Travel pictures must be the best distraction ever. When I started digging I found more than I could imagine. This are the posts I found so far that contributed to the challenge.

  • Mary Af Rövarhamn – the Swedish blog that it started at, a Swedish traveler that sailed around the world with her family for four years
  • – Linnea Edmark, lives in Germany, Bayern
  • Lindetravel – The family Linde that lives in Stockholm
  • Halloj Världen – Inger Hansson, travelblogger from the souther parts of Sweden
  • Freedomtravel – Helena och Peter, on a Euro tour in their trailer. Do I need to say more?
  • Travelmania 
  • Dryden – Daniel Ryden, living in Jämtland, longing for Dalsland. Latest stop, Nerja in Spain.
  • Fantasiresor – Sofia, always out on a new blogg experience or sometimes two at the same time. Host Travel Massive in Sweden.
  • Bortugal – Åsa, lives or have been living in Portugal, not sure. Surfer or want to be surfer 🙂
  • Bara brittiskt – the expert of Great Britain
  • Resfredag – Annica, mother of three, law-person and two page blogger. That must be multi – tasking, right?
  • 4aufeinenstreich – the German translated post and contribution





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