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The day after a big event.

Shot my first wedding yesterday. Will show you pictures after I handed them to the clients and gotten their approval of course.

Today, my day has been like a blur and I feel somewhat like the anemones you see on the pic, a bit pale and past time but still hanging on. I planned my day according to all tips and tricks out there to find and all of them payed off in one or the other way.


1. Use comfortable clothes, but look representable. I went for the old fashion – trick of wearing black. I found myself lying on the ground and bending my feet in all possible ways so a pair of ballerina as one photographer suggested on her blog where the best tips.

2. Bring snacks. I didn´t have time to eat so yes, I snacked in my car inbetweem locations. Good suggestion.

3. Memorize schedule. I did, and that was good. I got all the photos I wanted and needed but it was with small marginals all the time.

4. Raincover. Luckily it didn´t rain, but I had a plastic home made raincover I made from bags ment to freeze food in. Worked great. No need to buy an expensive one (at least I don´t think so, whit-out actually needing to use it.)

5. Bring a blanket for the bride and groom to sit on. I brought a white one. I can see in my photos that that was a good suggestion as well.


Photo shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-105 mm lens, ed Lightroom



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