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Ceviche with lychee – pomegranate salsa

Two weeks ago Martin made ceviche. To see inspirational recipes, check below.

Today Martin and me are heading for the Swedish Island Öland for a celebration of Martins grandfather turning 70.


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Ceviche and leche de tigre

Ceviche made of cod with Martins secret leche de tigre (somethings must be kept a secret)

Use 300 g of cod (frozen or fresh), left in a 3% salt-water in the fridge over night (500g water and 15 g salt)

Slice a birds eye chili

Three spruces of coriander leaves

Then make and add your own leche de tigre and mix


Roasted bigger sized corn

Lychee – pomegranate salsa

12- 15 lychees (litchifrukter), cut into half and deseeded (urkärnade)

1 pomegranate (granatäpple), juice and seeds

3 green onions (salladslök), sliced thin or the same amount leek (purjolök)

1 fresh serrano or birds eye chili (thai chili), deseeded and sliced into small pieces

juice from 1/2 of a lime



Cut the lychees into smaller pieces, split the pomegranate och squees the juice and seeds. Mix with other ingredients and add salt.


Serve with sweet potato/ jams and/ or fried casava / yucca. Enjoy!


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