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3 restaurants in Lima- Astrid y Gaston, La Mar and Tr3s Cocina Peruana

Here are 3 restaurant tips from Lima Peru (higher class). I have wrote and shown picture from two of them before, Astrid y Gaston and La Mar.

Astrid y Gaston – Casa Moreyra

The number one restaurant in Lima Peru spells Astrid y Gaston. This is the restaurant I have written severals times about and also the restaurant my boyfriend had a three months intership at.

This restaurant serves traditional Peruvian cusine with a modern twist. The entire family had dinner there once and then had the 27 course tasting menu. The food is served on for the occasion and menu special designed china that is formed as for example a snake or tree.

Cost is around 1500 SEK per person, around 180 dollars depending on the exchange rate. This is in European measures a very priceworthy meal since this includes wine and high class food.

If you know that you are heading for Peru and Lima in any future and have the trip booked you also need to book a spot at the restaurant if you are to have any change getting a table.

What I have written before about the restaurant: Astrid y Gaston – Casa Moreyra,


La Mar

  • (51 1) 4213365
  • Street: Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima 18

This is a more priceworthy restaurant than Casa Moreyra to begin with, but is another one of Gastons restaurants that is a chain as the Tanta restaurant that he also owns. La Mar also exist in for example San Fransisco. This restaurant has very nice decor, must say that I love the azul/ blue charis and concrete walls. It also has a very fancy homepage. This is in the normal European pricerange or below. The quality of the food is high for the price and this is the restaurant I would choose to go back to if I had to choose among the three presented in this post. I would call and book a table in advance but I don´t think that it is always necessary.

What I have written about La Mar before: 10 things to do in Lima – post 3 – Ceviche and The restaurant La Mar.





Tr3s Cocina Peruana

  • +51 1 4730699
  • Street: Jr. Humboldt 1562  2do piso – La Victoria, Lima, Peru

Tr3s is open 10-18 everyday and you get to this restaurant by cab or local bus. The restaurant is situated in La Victoria and in a gamarra market of this part of the city. When heading there Martins aunt told us the story behind this restaurant, three chefs breaking free from Gastons restaurant and starting their own, the name coming from their three expert areas in chicken, beef and fish, also seen in their logo. You can find more information on their facebook- page.




The photos where taken during my stay in Peru last year when I attended all these restaurants and where shot with both my Canon 5D, Samsung Nx 10 as well as my iPhone.


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