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Roadtrip Norway: Grythyttan – Oslo (stretch one)

Roadtrip - Grythyttan - Oslo

 Having a coffee break outside Karlstad

My mother and I started our roadtrip to Norway on the 8th of April, it lasted for five days and the goal was Oslo, Bergen and Lillehammer, stopping at some spots inbetween. The distance is around 300 km and is estimated to take around 4 hours. Mother and I took the first break in Grums, at Gruvön, checking out some graffiti and having a coffee break.



Continuing to Töcksfors

After having our coffeebreak we continued against our first actual stop, Båstnäs and the Ivanssons bilskrot.

Directions: Coming from Karlstad you take E18 towards Oslo. When in Töcksfors you turn left heading for Västra Fågelvik (you see a church on the right side of the road when turning). You continue on this road for around 25 km, never exiting just driving straight ahead. After 25 km you reach the sign ”Här slutar allmän väg” and that is when you are at the car cemetary of Båstnäs.





It is really something extra when arriving in Båstnäs. That is also why I will dedicate an entire photopost just for the car cemetary of Båstnäs, bröderna Ivanssons bilskrot. That post will turn up later.


My mother and I played around a little and then had lunch here, prepared by Martin of course. We explored and then continued for Oslo.

roadtrip_norway-14 roadtrip_norway-15


The first flowers arrived last week and this particular flower is called Blåsippa or Anemone Hepatica, a typical spring flower. When seeing this flower you know that spring is here!

Continuing to Oslo – passing tolls and paying fees for studded tires

After having our first break we continued for Oslo. When heading over the border you quickly see the first differences between Norway and Sweden, by Sweden having white stripes splitting the road in the middle, and Norway having yellow. When continuing and getting closer to Norway we got to experience the extra fees of Norway for the first time as well, both fees for passing tolls (that is automatic- you just have to enter your credit card information at a webpage) as well as fees for having tires with spikes, studded tires (this is a ticket you get at the halting places next to the main roads).

When getting close to Oslo the atmosphere changed and we spotted the first of Oslo. Very beautiful houses surrounded the hills by the road when driving in to the capital of Norway.





All photos where shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon 24-105 mm f/4 lens, edited in Lightroom


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