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Piri Piri shrimps with sourdough bread and fried broccoli

I actually cooked a meal for Martin the other day (Sunday). Almost at least. He might have helped a little, but only a little!

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Martin is at Skara with the other chef students visiting an importer of quality food of some kind. So what better than a recipe for these alone nighs!?

The recipe is found below.

ps. Yes I know, I need to clean my kitchen window. Realised that when editing.


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Piri Piri Shrimps

Use whatever shrimps you like. I use KRAV-branded (environmental friendly) shrimps from the North Sea/ Atlantic/ Barents cause that is what my store offers. I use a lot of Piri Piri but me and Martin enjoy very strong food.

2 persons

  • 300 g frozen shrimps
  • Piri piri (five-ten, depending on how strong food you like)
  • Olive oil (a quarter of a bottle / litre maybe more, the shrimps should be covered in oil)
  • Five to ten garlics

Heat the olive oil on close to maximum (We have a stove that goes to 6, I use 4). Add the piri piri and the garlic. Wait a couple of seconds until the garlics change color. Than add the shrimps. Let them fry for a minute, until they are warm, not longer.


  • Brocolli,
  • Butter
  • Salt

Cut in half and peel of the first layer on the strain. Fry in oil and poor melted butter over the broccoli

Serve with sourdough bread or any other bread you like.


Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm Art lens and edited in Lightroom


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