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My friend isn´t that young anymore.

It is something special about Sundays. don´t you think? I rarely get stressed and I don´t get a bad conscience for waking up late. I´m sure I didn´t get out of bed until 11.22 in the morning, or whatever, basically mid day. Normally the time I have lunch at work almost.  Getting out of bed any other day would have made me stressed out. How do you feel about Sundays?

Anyway, today I spend my Sunday having coffee, watching Drop Dead Diva, took a long walk in the forest and also edited a film I am making for some students. I must say that ven though I got out of bed that late I got so much done. In the evening we celebrated Tommy that turned 31 a week ago. Last year we celebrated him turning 30, a bit bigger. I wrote about it in the post Manger de la cuisine cajun et dire au revoir! Those photos where in sepia so this year I´ll go for black and white.

Now some Drop Dead Diva and soon off to bed.




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