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Rome- an architectural, coffee paradise

Architectural paradise, with the best coffees and dessert I´ve ever had- maybe except for the Nutella- Cremé Brulé in Les Halles in Paris. This is Rome.

I traveled to Rome in May 2011.  With me I didn´t bring any camera så you will have to live with my poor iPhone 3 photos. At that time I thought the quality was great. I´m not sure what I was thinking.

I traveled for a full Rome weekend with the company of my mother and aunt to see architecture and all that you need to see when in the capitals of Europe.

I saw the big ones of course, the Colosseum, the bridges, the Spanish Steps, Fontana Di Trevi and the Sixteenth Chapel.

But what do I remember best? Well, actually I have several answers here. I do remember the big ones the best maybe. But the fondest memory I have of the morning breakfast and coffee on the terass of the hotell, the drunk hotel portier when we arrived at the hotel (who couldn´t even fix our door-keycard, he didn´t manage to put the card in the machine haha.. fond memory) and the little church on the little squares with the Rembrants on the walls. I also remember seeing all these red Ferraris on the S:t Peters Square, among them Flavio Briatore, for those who remember him.

 What to see

To get around we used the sightseeing bus mostly. Rome had and probably has a sightseeing hop on hop of bus to a fair price per day that you can get around most of the center of Rome.

Spanish steps

I would if I could go back to the Spanish Steps. The art and the feeling was a highligh of our long weekend to Rome. Now owning a better camera I would retake photos and maybe shoot some film walking up and down the stairs. I think that these parts are the best there is of Rome, in one way. Paying a trillion to walk through the Vatikan and the Sixteenth Chapel isn´t as charming due to the massive amount of tourists of couse as well as the pay and the fact that you can´t stay and enjoy the moment. On the Spanish steps you can stay. Bring a cappucino and just rest.

Shopping at local markets

I bought several Italian dresses when in Rome. One you might remember from a blog post in June, the dress I used for the Swedish highschool exams. The negative part is that I basically have the biggest size one could get, Like an Italian 46, which is a Swedish 42.

We went to a weekly market, don´t remember the name, but always always, the markets is a must when traveling a weekend. You want to see it even if you don´t buy anything. Peru markets where a clear favorite. There you can find local and handmade crafts. At European markets nowadays the price is high and there is the same stuff everywhere.

Eat Italian desserts

Eat Italian desserts. My personal favorite is the Petit Chou. Maybe not Italian but still.

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi, was created by Bernini and Salvi and is a fountain in Rome. It is located by Piazza de Trevi and the legend has it that you need to throw a coin in the fountain ti be able to return to Rome. My aunt took care of that and also made the best shot.


Small churches don´t charge a fee

It is always in the smallest of Churches you find those big treasures. The Rembrants in a small church on a little square was a surprise and therefore, one of my favorite moments.


This summer I am backpacking and will probably not go back to Rome, cause Rome are one of these cities worth saving for a weekend alone and is price-worthy traveling to.


Photos shot with iPhone 3 and edited in lightroom.



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