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Traveling in group – the reborn way of traveling

During the fall I have both been in Finland and in Paris. They have two things in common, or maybe three.

1. They where group travels

2. They where related to blogs

3. And well, they where both in Europe.


I am about to speak about the first thing, to travel in group. Over the years traveling and what is fashionable within the concept, have changed. Early travelers had to stay for a longer while in one place and today travelers rather stay less time than more. Weekend trips is one of the most fashionable things, at least here in Sweden. ”A weekend to Paris, a weekend to Istanbul or why not a weekend in New York for that mather?”. Well, Swedes have always been great travelers, early to catch up with the new thing. You wont meet many Swedes who hasn´t been outside the country. Visiting USA on the other hand, you will meet more than one. But this is another story..

What has also come to be popular now is traveling in groups. From the 90´s charter vaccations to the rainforests of Borneo in 2014, traveling in group is here to stay. HH7A9648Nowadays traveling all so often is combined with something happening like traveling in a group with other photographers to a work shop in Greece to improve your photos or heading for Gran Canaria to an exersize camp or going on a prearranged Safari in South Africa. Tanning, swimming, training, shooting photos and learning history. We want it all.

I must say that I wish that it is here to stay. I haven´t had such much fun since I don’t know when traveling both to Finland and Paris. In all this I think I found the golden key and that is networking, finding new mates and people that are likeminded to interact with.
I wasn´t prepared for how fun it is to meet all this people. I miss the people I met in Finland as well as Paris. They where of all ages but I didn´t mind, I love the concept. My dream will be to arrange phototravels in the future and todays dream is Gotland, heading for Ekstakusten and Fårö to shoot all those beautiful raukar together with other photo bloggers. I am so longing for that to happen.HH7A1662

Annika Myhre, Resfredag, a fellow travelblogger, gave her best tips for Christmas presents for the traveler some days ago and fifth on the list she listed a writer/photo travel course by Vagabond in april by the same reason as above, to be able to network with fellow bloggers. On this event she met Sofia with the blog Fantasiresor and they meeting resulted in Stockholm Travel Massive, an event for travelbloggers that took place in August this year in Stockholm where I met both of them (and loads more travel bloggers as Freedomtravel, now on a one year journey around Europe, Livet från den ljusa sidan, Slow Travel Stockholm and more).












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