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Photoguide: Shooting with a polarising filter

We are all on the hunt for the perfect photo, with great contrast and saturated colors, right? It is basically possible, through a polarising filter. An old but sometimes forgotten best friend in the photography world.


When I first bought my Canon I didn´t reflect much upon needing more equip than a camera, a lens and maybe a tripod. I put the camera on the ground and shot all my photos from a low angle, or just found ways to shot for me the perfect photo.

When getting better on photography you realise that you have to have additional equipment to go further. This additional equipment cost money. Lots of lots of money. But there are always these cheaper stuff that makes a total difference. The polarising filter is one of those.

Without a filter


Iso 100, 24mm, f8,0, 1/100 sek. Torrvarpen, Grythyttan

With filter


Iso 100, 24mm, f8,0, 1/100 sek. Torrvarpen, Grythyttan.


It is a big difference between the first and the second photo, don´t you think? Shooting in sunlight isn´t always easy. Adding a polarising filter makes a difference and keeps the colours of the sky and the contrast in shape and decreases the reflections. A valuable tool when shooting in sunlight. Every so often I have to throw away a lot of the pics due to the fact that the sun killed the sky in the photo.

In the above photo without filter I would of course have used a faster shutter-speed normally, but in this photo I shot with the same settings to show the difference. With a higher shutterspeed some of the contrast would be preserved, of course.

But go out and shoot and try out a polarising filter. There exist a lot of them and they are not very expensive. I chose a brand I am familiar with and that have a bit of higher quality and paid around 100 dollars (600-700 sek). Of course there are filters in the price range from 100 – 300 sek as well, that probably are totally okay quality wise. At least my eye rarely see the difference between these filters.


Equip: Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon F lens. No ed.




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